Rise of the Dark Mother


Balthazar shares his thoughts.

While perhaps arriving on the scene of affairs a bit late, Balthazar none-the-less jumped into the fray heeding very little else. He was a bit at a loss for the reason the group was here in such a desolate area and was a bit curious as to why there seemed to be “footprints” in the lava fields he needed to cross to join the remainder of the Adventurers. The past several days and weeks had shown him that there seemed to be very little reason to divide his loyalties between his God Bahamut and an unknown Deity that had treated him, while not unkind, had certainly done nothing to assist him in his mission of improving the world he existed in. As he left the presence of the Moon-Goddess he took with him two other “acolytes” that had been attached to him as team members. Perhaps, in time, the Goddess would reveal herself to him and his small team with words or actions to show him his way down that particular path. For now, he was simply content to remain with his friends and ensure their safety and continue the work of Bahamut. At his point he had allowed the personal accounting slip from his mind; knowing that the team he belonged to would soon take a R&R somewhere allowing him to check his account and determine what, if any, equipment he was soon to need. Perhaps a nice roasted leg of venison…mmmm…beer. Ahem! Prayer!! Yea, that’s the key…so, with determination in his step and his allies by his side (well, most of them-some seemed to be disappearing into the ether every so often) he was ready to wade back into the burning bowels of this region in order to vanquish the hellspawn making their plots against the good world he lives in. Onward!!


RageyMage RageyMage

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